Inside the Kentucky Derby, America's greatest racing party

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Kerry Thomas

Profile: Hansen

Hansen needs a target to make him his most powerful.

Profile: Take Charge Indy

Take Charge Indy is a horse who will need things to break perfectly to win the Derby.

Profile: Alpha

When Alpha finds his comfort zone, the athlete comes out.

Profile: Daddy Long Legs

The simple fact is Daddy Long Legs didn’t like his experience at Churchill Downs.

Profile: Liaison

Liaison seems happiest in traffic, running next to other horses in a herd.

Profile: Mark Valeski

The key for this horse will be to keep him under emotional control during the early parts of the race.

Profile: Rousing Sermon

Rousing Sermon is a better horse than he is being given credit for.

Profile: Sabercat

Sabercat does reasonably well at a lot of things, but he’s not a powerhouse.

Profile: Daddy Nose Best

Daddy Nose Best appears to be a classic buddy-up horse.

Profile: Prospective

Prospective has shown some development at age 3, but not enough to win this race.