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The Backstretch

No Races, No Problem

Derby Week along the backstretch rail is an anthropological study waiting to happen.

Derby Draw Follows the Script

The post position draw for the Kentucky Derby unfolded like an early scene from a Hollywood movie, with every deserving horse getting close to their ideal post position.

After the Derby: Sunday Morning

Sunday morning on the backstretch after the Kentucky Derby.

All Quiet on the Backstretch

After a week of growing crowds and excitement, Derby morning dawns quiet on the Churchill Downs backstretch.

“Mo” Speculation Dominates Backstretch Chatter

The most accomplished, fastest colt in the Derby field, Uncle Mo now is widely considered a ruin and likely to scratch.

Derby Draw: The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

People endlessly debate whether the horses have the stamina to get the mile and a quarter in the Kentucky Derby, but humans, too, must have a strong foundation just to get through the post position draw.

Putting the ‘Chill’ in Churchill

Despite the weather, Tuesday turned out to be a pretty good morning after all, and those who stayed in bed missed all the fun.