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Who Do You Like?

Everyone’s trying to figure who will wear that blanket of roses, even folks who absolutely have no clue. Curious minds dream big at Kentucky Derby time.

Ready to Run: The Healing Hands of an Equine Surgeon

He is the last person anyone wants to see on TV in the moments after the Kentucky Derby, but any other time the presence of Dr. Larry Bramlage is a welcome event.

Gotta Get Back in Time …

Since the early 1920s, breakfast at Wagner’s has been a foregone conclusion for horsemen and Thoroughbred racing fans alike.

Black Hole Horses (Sometimes Are Dark Stars)

That’s the thing about these horses in the 20-horse Derby field. They may not figure as winners, but every once in a while, one of them jumps up and shocks us.

The Smith Brothers: Carolina Roots, Flowering in Kentucky

They are two of the finest true horsemen in the thoroughbred world, and most people don’t even know who they are.

Racing Writer Audax Minor Won the Marathon

It’s not intended as any dismissal of Audax Minor’s artistry to recall Samuel Johnson’ quip about the dancing dog: It’s not so much that the dog dances well as that he dances at all.

Get Rid of “My Old Kentucky Home”

Plenty of state songs have tricky, hard-to-remember lyrics, but that’s why people generally aren’t asked to sing them in public, much less when there’s a good horse race to watch.

Writing at the Kentucky Derby: Senses Working Overtime

Here at Churchill the sun still rises on an old dirt track, and one horse who will win the garland of roses goes galloping merrily along, and those who spin tales of racetracks and runners know the Derby never fails good writers.

Fondly Recalled: Kentucky Derby Memories

Horse racing is built on good stories, so we asked 10 people deeply immersed in the game to tell us a personal tale about the Kentucky Derby.

We’re Shipping Out

The 137th Kentucky Derby is over, and so is Kentucky Confidential. See you next year!