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Profile: Hansen

Hansen (Eclipse Sportswire)

The horse I would expect to see chasing Bodemeister is Hansen, an incredibly good physical athlete. But I haven’t seen anything from Hansen that indicates an ability to manage multiple stimulus. He’s the kind of horse that is super in forward motion. He’s really into space, which is a good thing, but it limits his versatility, psychologically.

Hansen has a straight line of sight. He doesn’t scan around. He’s straight in front of him or straight behind him. He’s balls-to-the-wall forward motion. It’s what he does best.

In the Blue Grass, it looked like he didn’t even feel Dullahan out in the center of the track coming at him. Hansen is not aware of a horse coming from 10 feet away on the outside. That tells me his circle is not real big.

His individual dynamic is very high. His group dynamic, I am a little bit shady on. I don’t know how he’ll react if he is in a group of traffic. I do not see him as a horse that controls space. He’s not managing anything. He’s just moving through it. His projection is forward, always. As the races get harder and longer, he can be chased down.

I’d rather Hansen have a horse to chase, instead of being chased. He needs a target to make him his most powerful. Because of his high individual dynamic — he’s very off balance — his patterns of motion require a horse to go around, something to hunt and then to send him into his top gear turning for home. He’ll take that open space, but they’ll have to hope there’s not another horse right there ready to take the lead away from him.

He’ll need a fairly specific situation to win this Derby.

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Hansen really dislikes having other horses near him. I think Trinny will make it difficult for him to lay off Bode and think he is gonna grab the bit and go. He won’t relax in this big of a field. I wagered someone he will actually finish behind Trinny because I think once the pack catches him, he will completely back out of the race.

Posted by LetItRideMike on April 30, 2012 @ 9:09 am

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