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Kerry Thomas

Thomas on Horses: Introduction

The first thing that stands out about this year’s Kentucky Derby is depth. From a herd dynamic and emotional conformation standpoint, there are at least eight high-level horses in the 2012 field.

Profile: El Padrino

El Padrino doesn’t make space with his presence, but you can tell the other horses feel him.

Profile: Union Rags

Union Rags needs to be allowed to build his momentum, to move freely.

Profile: I’ll Have Another

Psychologically, I’ll Have Another was born to run a classic distance.

Profile: Went the Day Well

Went the Day Well shows the very rare ability to adapt to whatever situation he is in.

Profile: Creative Cause

Creative Cause has a very, very high individual herd dynamic.

Profile: Dullahan

Dullahan likes close contact, and he can use space battles to builds momentum and launch forward.

Profile: Gemologist

Gemologist has a good group dynamic and he can handle a lot of stimulus.

Profile: Done Talking

Done Talking has the skill set to take advantage of a lot of these horses late in the race.

Profile: Bodemeister

Bodemeister’s comfort zone is being alone. That’s not normal in horses.