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Profile: Sabercat

In the Delta Jackpot, Sabercat handled some chaos and he targeted and released very smoothly and very efficiently. But the more of his races I watch, the more I doubt there is a really high herd dynamic here.

Even in his best moments, he doesn’t command control of space. I don’t feel his presence and neither do the other horses. And if the other horses don’t feel it consistently, he’s probably not that emotionally strong.

Sabercat does reasonably well at a lot of things, and he handles herd chaos, but he’s not a powerhouse. Certainly, he’s not as high as some of these other horses we’ve seen. I think he’ll get the distance OK, but he’s probably along for the ride in this race. I don’t see him taking command at any point in this race.

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Author PhotoKerry Thomas is a groundbreaking researcher of behavioral genetics in horses. He created emotional conformation profiling, which measure’s the mental and emotional capacities of the equine. Horse owners around the world use him to profile and unlock the minds of their horses both in training and pre-purchase evaluations. Thomas’ work in the field of equine behavioral genetics has pioneering applications in all the sport horse industries, including Thoroughbred racing and breeding. Please visit his website for more information. (Author photo: Mary Buckley) More by  ›