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The Jockey Factor

Once you’re done with the speed figures, data angles and all the rest of the stuff handicappers throw into trying to figure out how to win at this game, you’re left with what your eyes show you.

Thomas on Horses: Introduction

The first thing that stands out about this year’s Kentucky Derby is depth. From a herd dynamic and emotional conformation standpoint, there are at least eight high-level horses in the 2012 field.

Profile: El Padrino

El Padrino doesn’t make space with his presence, but you can tell the other horses feel him.

Profile: Union Rags

Union Rags needs to be allowed to build his momentum, to move freely.

Profile: I’ll Have Another

Psychologically, I’ll Have Another was born to run a classic distance.

Profile: Went the Day Well

Went the Day Well shows the very rare ability to adapt to whatever situation he is in.

Profile: Creative Cause

Creative Cause has a very, very high individual herd dynamic.

Profile: Dullahan

Dullahan likes close contact, and he can use space battles to builds momentum and launch forward.

Profile: Gemologist

Gemologist has a good group dynamic and he can handle a lot of stimulus.

Profile: Done Talking

Done Talking has the skill set to take advantage of a lot of these horses late in the race.