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Profile: Done Talking

Done Talking (Eclipse Sportswire)

There are some things to like about Done Talking. He is strong into space — inside, outside, between horses — and he has a really nice group herd dynamic. Done Talking can manage a sizable herd. Chaos and stimuli all around him do not bother him or affect his focus. He can move from point to point, targeting and releasing opponents, while still moving forward. That is an important skill in a race like the Kentucky Derby.

Done Talking has a strong presence, but he has a tendency to want to physically move other horses. That’s fine because it shows he’s not afraid of anything, but it can slow him down a little bit. Instead of just accepting that he can move other horses with presence, he wants to put an exclamation point on it as he moves past each horse.

El Padrino is the highest herd dynamic horse Done Talking has faced so far (in the Remsen Stakes). Late in that race, they squared off, and Done Talking was trying to figure out how to push El Padrino. El Padrino didn’t get pushed, but Done Talking didn’t back down either. That tells me Done Talking is really close.

On the gallop-out of the Illinois Derby, Done Talking was still searching back and forward with his ears. That’s a good sign. I think he’s a distance horse, and I don’t think he will tire mentally. His strongest pattern of motion is moving through a group, and I could see him making an impact if the Derby unfolds the right way for him. His jockey should let him settle, and avoid early space battles. He has the skill set to take advantage of a lot of these horses late in the race.

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