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Catching Up with Old Heroes

The oldest living Classic winner in the world, Deputed Testamony, and the second-oldest living Kentucky Derby winner, Go for Gin (1994), reside side by side in the stallion barn at Bonita Farm, in Darlington, Maryland. The ancient 1983 Preakness winner, now 31, has been pensioned since 2004, but “Gin” is still available for stud duty. John Scheinman and filmmaker Jeff Krulik traveled to Bonita one April afternoon to catch up with these old heroes and visit with general manager Bill Boniface, who had more than a thing or two to say about breeding and the state of the game.

Watch Go For Gin win the 1994 Kentucky Derby and Deputed Testamony win the 1983 Preakness Stakes.

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Great piece. I always liked Go For Gin.

Posted by Jeffrey on April 28, 2011 @ 9:49 am

Great to see Bill Boniface looking so well. Ever the optomist, long may he continue.

Posted by David on April 28, 2011 @ 11:47 am

Loved it!!!

Posted by Lois on April 28, 2011 @ 9:45 pm

Mr Boniface is a deserved legend in thoroughbred breeding & racing–within & without the State of Maryland. And he is an extraordinary gentleman & generous to a fault.

He is a person of integrity & his views on the use of medications in thoroughbred racing will soon (one hopes) prevail & become the standard.

Thank you also for filming Deputed Testimony, who now approaches the age at which John Henry met his end. And like John-John, Deputed Testimony suffers from Cushings & the two of them look (in some ways) very similar (two woolly mammoths

I wish the best for Deputed Testimony, Go for Gin (than heavens he wasn’t sent to Europe & possibly lost to slaughter), & Mr Boniface & Bonita Farm.

Posted by Tashinima on May 6, 2011 @ 12:40 pm

Author PhotoJeff Krulik is the Washington, DC-based award-winning filmmaker who in 1986, with collaborator John Heyn, took a camera to the parking lot of a Judas Priest concert arena -- the result was the cult sensation, Heavy Metal Parking Lot. Krulik's rapport with his subjects yields some of the best verite documentaries you'll see -- I Created Lancelot Link, Ernest Borgnine on the Bus, Obsessed with Jews, Hitler's Hat. His current projects include Heavy Metal Picnic, about one of the most raucus field parties ever, and Led Zeppelin Played Here, about an apocraphyl Led Zep concert in a Maryland gymnasium on the night of Richard Nixon's inauguration. Visit his website. More by  ›