Inside the Kentucky Derby, America's greatest racing party

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Jeff Krulik

Live Wire: The Culmination

A memorable week culminates in the biggest day of horse racing Jeff Krulik has ever witnessed.

After the Derby: Parting Thoughts

John Scheinman’s parting thoughts from Churchill Downs the day after the Kentucky Derby.

Welcome to Derby Day!

Jeff Krulik and John Scheinman kick off Kentucky Derby day.

Who Do You Like?

Making Kentucky Derby picks on Derby day.

Live Wire: Krulik’s Derby, Day 5

The road to the Kentucky Oaks infield party starts in the media center. This party has been going on for 137 years!

Live Wire: Krulik Takes the Bus

Since I was the last one in the media center the other night, I missed the van and had to take the employee shuttle. It was a memorable ride.

Live Wire: Krulik’s Derby, Day 4

Just another day on the backstretch. A loose horse and Ruben Sierra are among the day’s sights and sounds.

Live Wire: Shout-Out to Boston

One horseplayer’s rallying cry to his hometown heroes and friends, Kathy and Timmy Ritvo.

Live Wire: Krulik’s Derby, Day 3

For many at Churchill Downs during Derby Week, it’s business as usual.

Live Wire: Krulik’s Derby, Day 2

My first visit to Churchill Downs’ legendary backstretch is in the rain. The pouring rain. But John Scheinman guides me through the sights and sounds and most importantly, the thoroughbred right-of-way. Then, to Wagner’s Pharmacy.