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Live Wire: Krulik’s Derby, Day 4

Backstretch Kitty

I love dogs, but I really love cats. Outside a barn, I make a new friend. And I ask for some Derby thoughts from some nearby humans.

Horse Loose!

‘Nuff said. This was very frightening to witness, but another day at the office at the backstretch. Thankfully, the only damage was someone’s dropped cellphone.

Ruben Sierra’s Decisive Moment

I was fortunate to meet one lucky and grateful owner of Derby horse Decisive Moment.

Julie at the Rail

There are scores of media and journalists converging on Churchill Downs for the week and weekend. For some, it’s just a job. For others, it’s a true delight.

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Author PhotoJeff Krulik is the Washington, DC-based award-winning filmmaker who in 1986, with collaborator John Heyn, took a camera to the parking lot of a Judas Priest concert arena -- the result was the cult sensation, Heavy Metal Parking Lot. Krulik's rapport with his subjects yields some of the best verite documentaries you'll see -- I Created Lancelot Link, Ernest Borgnine on the Bus, Obsessed with Jews, Hitler's Hat. His current projects include Heavy Metal Picnic, about one of the most raucus field parties ever, and Led Zeppelin Played Here, about an apocraphyl Led Zep concert in a Maryland gymnasium on the night of Richard Nixon's inauguration. Visit his website. More by  ›