Inside the Kentucky Derby, America's greatest racing party

Kentucky Confidential

Bourbon Underworld

After the Derby: Decompression

After an intense day, trainer Dale Romans and family relax and celebrate the Kentucky Derby.

House Party: Oaks Day, Derby Eve

Tucked away from the pomp and glitter, a house party erupted with bands paid for with bottles of Budweiser and bourbon, Kentucky’s age-old currency.

“And They’re (Taking It) Off!”

It’s Derby Week across the board.

Take It Neat: True Bourbon Culture

The passionate conversation on how to drink it showed Kentucky bourbon culture is not a myth. It’s real.

Trainers Are Honored, Dinner Is Served

There are social functions, the perfunctory ones, the empty ones, but the Kentucky Derby trainers dinner is different.

Louisville and the Dawn of Bourbon Culture

What must be recognized, clearly, is that Kentucky’s identity roots itself in the caramel color of its bourbon.

The $1000 Mint Julep: This Is Not a Sippy Cup

Enjoy the julep; enjoy its cause, and for the love of God, don’t spill it.