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Last of the Cajun Jockeys

It is hard to believe that on Saturday when they go to the post for America’s signature race, the Kentucky Derby, there only will be two Cajun riders in the irons.

Talking with Richard Migliore

John Scheinman talks with former jockey Richard Migliore about his Derby experiences, his new career as a TV analyst and his top choices for Kentucky Derby 138.

Thundering Home

Gary Stevens was alone in Hong Kong and an ocean away; all the jocks he knew were thinking about their Derby horses.

The Jockey Factor

Once you’re done with the speed figures, data angles and all the rest of the stuff handicappers throw into trying to figure out how to win at this game, you’re left with what your eyes show you.

Lost and Found: The Life and Death of Isaac Murphy

Here was a jock who rode with his hands and his heels and his heart; the soft crooning of his voice was a siren’s song to the mounts beneath him.

The “Inside” Scoop: Why Calvin Borel Owns the Rail

“I learned that through the years,” said Borel. “A horse will run between the fence and another horse a lot easier than he’ll run between two horses.